Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 85 Elder Andino se va a Mexicó

Elder Andino se va a Mexicó 

Probably the fastest change on my mission. These six weeks have been steller. Opening an area is rough. The first day you are just, well we don't know anyone not even the branch pres. But in just these six weeks we have taught so many people and had countless spiritual experiences. But the greastest thing that happened this change is that I got to be comps with Elder Andino. At first I was SO confused as to why pres had called me to Flores to be with a mini missionary. I was uhh hello pres. isn't there some other missionary that can do it. I viewed it as a punishment or something like that. My pride of the calling I have had in the mission really got to me. The Lord truly knew exactly what I needed. I will be forever greatful for the time I had with Elder Andino and all that he has taught me. 

Not a whole lot happened this week. I am going to be with a different mini missionary for just this week and then for the other five weeks they are going to send me a different mini missionary jaja. I really love it. It's like training missionaries before they even go to the mission. 



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