Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 83 The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile 

Bare with me as I try to remember everything that I felt this weekend. Really have gained a new love for conference. I think when I was at home I watched maybe 1 or 2 sessions. Here in the mission we had to bring an investigator to the afternoon session to be able to attend and I was dying to make it happen. In the end I got to attend all the sessions, including priesthood, which was a huge blessing. During the conference I had a lot of impressions of things I need to do here in the mission. But more than any other is that this truly is the Lord's work. When someone accepts us, they accept the Lord. When someone rejectes us, they reject the Lord. Sometimes here in the mission it's so frustrating when people lie. When they say they are going to do something and they don't do it. Then I started to think to myself, how many times have I told the Lord I was going to do something and I didn't do it. More than a couple. 

Maybe my favorite of all the things that were shared was Uchtdorf`s talk and his example of reconstructing the building. I have felt that recontructive power that the Lord has in my life. I have felt and been trapped in that lie of satan that it is impossible to become clean. But as Uchtdorf spoke, all those who truly wish to change can achieve it through the atonement. I leave my personal testimony to that claim. The Savior can heal the most injuired soul. He healed and saved mine and I continue to feel it in my every day life. 

We ran into these guys from swisa who had been traveling the americas for 9 years.
We went and milked cows again, but this time we made chocolate milk.

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