Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 39 Radio Lessons

Radio Lessons

Weeks are flying by and next thing I know I am sitting here trying to think of all the things I want to share. 

I was blessed with a opportunity of taking part in a miracle this week. We went to visit familia Hernandez, German y Carla, and like normal super powerful lesson. This family is seriously gold but they need to get married and its nothing short of a miracle to get people married here (unless its in the catholic church). At the end of the lesson my comp asked if there was anything that they needed help with, like stuff around the house, and German started crying. Big bearded man of like 35 years starts full of crying. All he said was that tomorrow they weren't going to have any where to sleep. I was super confused because they are a pretty nice house. He explained to them that the lady that owns their house was asking for the past 8 months rent because they hadn't been able to pay it. it was 20,000 limps or like 1000 dollars. My comp shared an experience that he had with his own family that was far too perfect for me to share here. But in short his family had passed for a similar situation. We invited them to do a fast as a family to ask the Lord for a miracle or for some way that their family could have somewhere to sleep. The next day around 4 he called me with an energy in his voice that was unmatchable. The lady who owns the house had visited them that morning to kick them out but instead presented a new plan for them to pay what they owned. German also received a bonus in his job and was able to pay about a fourth of what they owed.

Too many miracles happen here in the mission. I have truly seen the hand of Christ work miracles here in Marcala. 

Went to the Chiflador again today and it was even more steller than the first time. and we got this investagador to give us a ride. buuttt he goes to jail Tuesday.. lol long story short he was cutting trees in a place where you can't cut trees and haha ya he was to go to jail for 4 years. His name is tuke 

Oh the title lol. the radio guys love us and this Tuesday we have a half hour to answer people questions about mormons its going to be freaking awesome. 

Went out and found this contact this week. not the most positive but taught 2 families.
Other waterfall we visited on the way to the big waterfall

Seriously love this kid!  Not every comp is a friend but Elder Lopez is a homie.

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