Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 40 Ima Think of a Title Later

Ima Think of a Title Later

I had a dream the other night that I was a professional baseball player. needless to say i am really changing here in the mission.

Things are sooo whack right now. Elder Lopez and i are doing the craziest things to try to find people because just contacting hasn't worked at all here. I got to talk on the radio for an hour the other day!! mostly talked about the free english classes we have and all these people were calling and asking us questions. Like 5 people asked me to marry them, including a dude. But in the end we had over 30 people in the english class!! and all week people were like hey gringo was that you on the radio. Really just trying to build the church´s rep here because its just not good to say the least.

Jose Trino (the blind dude) took second in the 5km race this week lol. Ya he runs along side a person who can see with a little rope. The best part the dude he was running with took 3rd. He told me he knew they were done and he just dropped the rope and sprinted. Craziest dude in the world. Still not coming to church though. He travels sooo much. 

Just want to bare my testimony that there is a joy in keeping the rules. I see and hear of too many missionaries that think they know better then the first presidency or really in the fin our Heavenly Father. Keep the rules weather you're in the mission or not.


Zona La Esperanza
Took out the five young men we have yesterday to visit less actives. All are converts. Noah has the most time in the church with like 5 years.
Random waterfall this morning

It's was like party week here and this was a game they played. hahah best part was all these dudes are soooooo drunk and couldn't even walk let along climb.
Lol so presidente Diaz asked me what I missed the other day and I said pancakes. He invited us over for pancakes and well ya eat pancakes with beans....still miss pancakes.

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