Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 41 Famous in Marcala

Famous in Marcala 

Lots of crazy things are happening in the mission right now. President Fortuna is done this change. This might be my last week here in Marcala. Wednesday I am Baptizing Fredi in a waterfall.

Had a super hard week work wise. This little town beats me up sometimes. I never have worked harder in my life then I have in this area. And I mean both physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think the last one is the hardest part in the mission for me. Because I had next to no experience when I started my mission. You have to be so focused spiritually here in the mission and if you aren't you aren't going to help anyone. I think that is something I am starting to understand now. That quite often I think someone is progressing and is ready for baptism and then they pull out this weird excuse to not be baptized. This has been happening with Fredi Garcia (going to see if I have a picture of him) for almost my whole time here. He always comes to church, he has read like 150 pages of the BOM (more then me before the mission) but he still just couldn't commit to be baptized. Turns out his mom (the dude is 45) was sending people form other churches to visit him and tell him not to be baptized. Well long story short he ended up praying with us to see if he needs to be baptized. Tomorrow I am going with him at 7 to check out his waterfall in his field to see if we can baptize him there.

Had the Zone Leaders here on Friday. We are so far away that they just slept here lol. 

Other crazy good news. Elder Edwards (my very first comp that went home in the CCM) is going back to the mission!! But to Washington Tacoma. 

Also got a package from the young women in my ward this week!! hichews for days lol so happy. 

Love you kids.


Played in a bouncy house today. 

radio crew. i will be talking on the radio again this Wednesday at 6 look up radio cafe Marcala on ustream if you want to listen 
Ever's birthday

lol i bought a cake that said FOR EVER. lololol no one got the joke though. 

This is Ever who is one of my favorite kids here in Honduras he is trying sooo hard to get out on a mission but his mom legit cant live with out him. it was his birthday this week and we went and smashed eggs on his head at 6 in the morning lol its a thing they do here.

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