Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 42 Miracle Week

Miracle Week 

I almost don't even want to write this because I know how far off it's going to be from what really happened this week.

I have almost three months here in Marcala and it has been super rough number wise. But after all the work and fasting I have put in I finally got to see some success. I had two baptisms this week and one was with a friend of a life time. I was privileged to take part in the baptism of Fredi this Wednesday. The sisters contacted him like the first week I was here but he was the type of guy that just wanted to know weird stuff like what language God speaks in. The sisters dropped him (stopped teaching him) after 5 weeks or so. Long story short we ended up teaching him again and challenged him to really ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. Not beat around the bush and try to prove it in the eyes of men but ask God the question exactly " is the book of mormon true and was Joseph Smith a prophet" . That's when we saw the change. He was still super worried about baptism and had his fair share of satan's temptations. We visited 6 different places to help him decide where he wanted to be baptized. IN the end he decided to be baptized at this waterfall in our area. This is the part that is so hard for me to write. 
 We left with a small group of people from the branch in a little old toyota tacoma. I was packed in the cab with the sisters and elder Lopez (we cant ride in pila) for the 20 minutes drive or so. As we pulled up to the waterfall it was raging with water. I knew this is where Heaven Father wanted him to be baptized. We changed into our white and walked down with the small group. We sat on the boulders and sang a few hymns. As I walked into the water I felt nervous and my feet were almost slipping on the rocks below. As I found my footing and helped Fredi to do the same I looked back at the small group on the shore. But it wasn't just the small group on the shore. Even though I couldn't see them I know with a surety that it wasn't just this small group watching his baptism. I almost want to write more but I hope you guys can feel a little of what I felt and see a little of what I saw in these photos.

The second baptism we had this week was with a 16 year old named Ana she has a little boy that has just one year but is the cutest little kid. She has one of the hardest life's I have even seen. But I have learned soo much from her. How important it is to forget ourselves and help those that surround you. 

I hope one day I can share these two stories a little more clearly. 

Fredi's Baptism
Ana's baptism
Fredi took us to El Salvador this morning lol. Honestly can't wait to see what this guy is going to do to help the branch.

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