Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 38 Mission Summer Break?

Mission Summer Break? 

Had the best week of my whole mission this week. Went to the temple, had my last zone meeting with President Fortuna, had a family night with more than a 100 people, brought all of our investigators to church (on an hour bus ride) to go to district conference and visited a waterfall/caves today.

First off i want you to think about the last time you went to the temple, if it was more than a month plan a day this week to go. We only get to go to the temple like every 4 months so this was only my second time here in the mission. We are sooo blessed in Utah to have a million temples but we only go when we have time or when the ward goes or whatver. The temple is such a rare thing here in the mission and every time i just end up with the most clear vision of who my father in heaven wants me to be. 

Im just going to start sending all these fotos because I wont have time if i don't. If you're not in the mission get on the mission. If you're not worthy get worthy. There isn't anything more important in this life than to help those around us, help them to understand the blessings that their families lack. lol and if you're already home from your mission talk to your converts it means the wooorrrrld to these people when an Elder talks to them AFTER the mission. 

Im going to cry if I can"t send these fotos home. 

Elder Espina (Thorn)

these are the buses we took to church sunday. was an hour and a little bit on the crappiest dirt road 

inside the bus with all the jóvenes , lol frekin locos  

branch family night that waas BOMB 

P days here are the most crazy things in the world. legit just asked around today where the closest waterfall was and ya. ended up finding some caves too. There was chalk marks on the wall which blew my mind I'm pretty sure someone climbed it.
legit just told these guy i liked his bag and asked him where we baought it and he is like here you go its yours!!! almost cried. 
The overlook of Marcala

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