Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 36 Blind Dude Learns English

Blind Dude Learns English

This was my worst week of my mission lol No for real though.
We were hardly in my area all week between all the meetings and traveling. But I did have one of the dopest days of my life on Wednesday.
I have been stressing out over this whole english class thing. Like it's hard bro to start a class and just put out flyers and junk. Not really something I love to do. But all that being said we had the English class again Wednesday and like 20 people showed up. One being this blind dude named Jose Trino. I was crying laughing in the class because the dude is just like "shhhhhhh I can't hear I want to learn enlgish" lol. We ended up having a lesson with him later in the week which was super short because he had to leave to run a 5k. lol ya the dude runs with a string attached to someone else who can see. But in the end of the lesson we asked him to kneel to pray. He started his prayer like almost all catholics do, which kills me because its just a repeated prayer from mateo, but he finished so strong. He prayed that we would be able to download the Book of Mormon in audio for him and said he was grateful for these THREE men that taught him today. Was a wild experience and knew as sure as he did that it wasn't just elder Cabrales and I teaching.

My comp has changes tomorrow and so I'm off to la Esperanza today which is the worst ride on the face of this earth. i honestly think of outer darkness when I think of the bus ride to la Esperanza.

Love the mission guys. It's hard to be away from my lil family sometimes. But I hope that I can bring just one other family here in Marcala to the blessing that my family have. 

Elder Thorn
This is a field I go run at when my comp feels like waking up.
lol so I'm starting yoga classes too. Back patio, 6:15 sharp, i have a yoga a degree and I'm really in touch with my inner persona 
This is a lil kid that I always mess with and say he is my cousin. Legit is whiter tan me. His name is Hector he is the son of an investigator. I always speak english to him its awesome.

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