Monday, May 18, 2015



So my new comp is elder Borge. lol nah its elder lopez. 

I laughed at that for a bit. Things are steller here in Marcala. Still working my butt off to try and find how I'm ready to change. I think that is something I learned this change. Its honestly really easy to find people to talk to. I honestly can make a lil joke and almost anyone will agree to listen to us. Finding people that are going to read and pray or attend church is a different story lol.

My comp is from Nicaragua and has like 20 months in the mission. Butttt he still is working hard and is hyped to be here. Plus he is funny and isn't hard to talk to. Like I can just be chill with him and enjoy my day which is refreshing. He has had a ton of baptisms in his mission and testifies challenges like a boss. I think he is going to teach me a lot about how to be a better leader and how to better help people come unto Christ.

Did some service this week for a family that is super chill

ELDER VAIL WENT HOME. ya the kid who trained me is now a man and is probably kissing his girlfriend right now. 
This kid is awesome! He found my blog and his dad wrote me. Finally found him at changes.
Elder Quispe and Elder Vail. ( Trainee and Trainer)

 bus heading back to the area.

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