Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 35 Desire to Believe

Deseo de Creer

Decided that I'm going to start writing in spanish a little because one it will save me a lot of time and second you will understand more through google translator than my english spelling. No in all honestly though I realized today that I was converted to the Gospel in spanish. My testimony this time last year was next to none. I didn't know anything about the duty I have to share this gospel I didn't know anything about the plan my Heavenly Father has for me. Oh how that's changed. 

Crazy stuff is happening here in Marcala. The branch is soo much better and we are working with members almost every day. Mostly young men but we had a few lessons withe Pres Diaz which was awesome. Really is such a bomb guy he just gets a lil off track; don't we all though. Probably the worst thing that is happening is the Jehovah's Witnesses are super strong here. They have a branch of like 100 people or something and they like trying to snatch all our members it sucks. 

Probably my last week with Elder Cabrales and I have learned sooo much from him and he has helped my spanish grow leaps and bounds. But more than anything I want to leave my testimony that God knows each and everyone of us. That Christ suffered for us personalmente. There was a moment when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane pleading with the Father over your sins and your life. Remember that. If I could instill one thing in each and everyone of you it is that, the atonement is real. 

Oh also we started english classes this week and I got it announced on the radio here!! It was soooo kool. Legit I have been begging these dudes to help me and then one day the owner was like hey come here and was like what do you want to say on the radio. I was hyped, and I got to talk on the radio so life is steller. 
Elder Thorn

Radio Station

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