Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 34 Chiflador and The Branch

Chiflador and The branch 

Ate wild raspberries today and went to a waterfall.

The branch is growing and people are actually hyped to come to church. Elder Cabrales and I are working a lot better together and for that same reason we are having the spirit with us during the day. I really love this tiny branch here in Marcala. Its so easy in a giant ward. Like everything is there, and there are just a few people that need help. Its the opposite here. There are a few good people and everyone else needs help. Including the people that have big callings, like the first counselor that isn't coming to church. But we had 65 people in the branch this week. The first week was like 40 something. And we have 12 people that have baptism dates in the branch. MAY is going to be nuts! Going to try and baptize someone in a waterfall. 

Not a whole lot of time today because have dinner with a family. 
This waterfall is called Chiflador
I was legit picking raspberries as we were hiking. Sucked I couldn't swim though

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