Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 31 Transferred to Marcala and made a District Leader

Marcala y Lìder del Distrito 

Probably the most jam packed week of my life. Had the Changes meeting on Tuesday and got called to serve here in Marcala. The way it works here in the mission is you don't know a single thing about where you are going or what you will be until presidente says your same and then lol you leave with your new comp. Its pretty awesome. You honestly just have your suitcase and you could go to any area in the mission. For me I went alllllll the way out to Marcala. It's one of the most remote areas in the mission. I took a bus for 4 hours to la esparanza. Started with about 50 missionaries and they got off one by one at different stops during the 4 hour ride till we got to the end of the road. Then Elder Cabarles and I got in to a different lil mini van and road on a dirt road for another hour. The town its self isn't small at all. However the Church is. We have a branch here of about 40 people. And it needs a lot of work. Even the branch president didn't come to Saturday's session of conference and I had to open the little church house.

My comp is 7 years older than me and has the same amount of time as me in the mission. I think most of you could guess what that's like. Im the Leader of the district here so I have to conduct meetings and take dats at night, not a lot. But I also do things a lot different than he is use to. His last comp finished his mission this last change and they weren't doing hardly anything. We don't have a single person with a baptism date. Not a single person that is progressing (reading or praying or attending church) andddd we pretty much don't have any investigators. It's been Rough. Really rough. But I hope I am here for awhile because this area has sooo much potential.

Elder Thorn

This is a picture of me with a wild bird. 

Our church house
There also is a random neighborhood here that some gringo built dinosaurs (no picture) 

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