Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 33 Elder Johnson and Teguci

Elder Johnson and Teguci

I almost killed a baby duck this week and thus almost got stabbed. jokes. 

Super fast and wild week in Marcala. We had to go to the capital to take out my comps residencia. Which took like the whole day. And I'm just a little too tall for the buses here. Close to 10 hours in the bus for the day. But it honestly is so dang pretty here I wish I had my nice camera everyday to try and capture a little of what its really like here in Honduras.

Had intercambios (exchanges) with Elder Johnson. He is about to finish his mission and I swear we are the same person. He is from Logan and played soccer his whole life. He wrecked me the other day when we played. And he climbed. Didn't ski though and I gave him a hard time about that. Just really love old missionaries. Or missionaries with a lot of time in the mission. They are so steller it's unreal. They just get it. He is so focused on the mission and so focused on helping the people around him as much as he can, and his does. He has 13 months here in this zone and was a branch president for 6 months. Super crazy stories about witches and excommunication's and hahah ya just Honduras is a different world sometimes.

Here are some pics for the ladies. 

I'm too tall for the buses...10 hours of this.
This is me chilling eating lunch.
Found this spider in my sink this morning

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