Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 32 Grant Thorn Already Served a Mission

Grant Thorn Already Served a Mission. 

For those that are all whacked out about the title you probably don't know I have the same name as my great grandpa. I got a letter from my dad this week that really helped me a lot. My Great Grandpa, Grant S. Thorn served a mission in New York and  later was a mission president in England. While reading the letter from my dad and looking at a few photos he sent of him with some of the 12 apostles I realized something. There are kids that are waiting for mission calls right now, like I once was. There are kids starting their mission, like I once did. There are men finishing their missions like I one day will. It's all a big cycle and I love it. I am where others once were, and others are where I once was. 

Me and my comp are getting along a lot better. Even though he pretty much hates me down to the way I walk lol. We are teaching a lot better and when we are out working we get along. Had a awesome thing happen this morning, went on a hike to a waterfall with some investigators!! Soo awesome. No time this week, love all you guys.

"Permaneced en lugares santos y no sèais movidos" 
(Abide in holy places and be not moved)

Elder Thorn
Grant S. Thorn on his mission in 1930

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