Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 17 I'm Going to Be a Father

I'm Going To Be a Father

Got a call last night from our mission president. When I looked down and saw that it was president Fortuna calling I nearly peed my pants and quickly handed the phone to Elder Vail, assuming it was about changes for him. They talked for no less then 5 seconds before he handed the phone back to me and said he wants to talk to you.... umm ya hola presidente.. lol for real I was so nervous. But I’m going to be a trainer! So excited and so nervous. I wont get the new missionary until the 7th of next month, which is the same day I finish my own training. So funny to me. Someone must have told president my Spanish is better than it really is. More than anything I'm really excited to teach a fresh missionary and set the standard for his mission. I will always remember my time here with Elder Vail and what it feels like to be the new guy that doesn't know his left from his right in a whole country. 

Another unforgettable thing that happened this week; I got to see my family for the first time. Or more importantly hear them. Really is so special to see them after these last few month with only doing what I am right now, writing. I cried like no other. Literally could not get the words out of my mouth. Families are so special to me and I will try my whole mission to try and share that concept, of an enteral family, with the people here in Honduras. 

Found some carpet this week and a few other things can’t remember but ya here are some pictures. 

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