Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 13 Wazzz Good

No History No Holidays

Lol the title is a joke. On the real though, Honduras just kind of celebrates everyone else’s holidays. I’m trying to be nice with that though. So that means no thanksgiving, but they do have black Friday!! I totally forgot about thanksgiving till we were in the maxi and the TVs were like 800 limps (40.00) and we were joking about buying one. Electronics here are really reallllllyyyy cheap. Everyone we visit will have a big 50-inch Samsung TV on the wall. No matter if they live in a little tin box that some church built. They have to have a TV, kind of sums up the priorities here. 

Well no baptism for two weeks now, which is kinda hard for me. We have this amazing book that testifies of Christ and his plan for us but people don’t want to read. I would say that’s the worst part about the mission. When you bare testimony of Christ and the testimony that of the book of Mormon and people are like thanks dude but I’m not going to read it lol you think I have time for that. Really though its super hard to get people progressing when they cant even read it. 

That being said we have the cutest little kid that is going to baptized on the 13th. His name is Isaac and he’s part of the family that lives next to the trash. I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not. But his family literally pulls stuff out of the trash and sells it on the side of the road. Really humbling every time we teach him. We legit sit next to the main highway with all the cars rushing by and all the trash all over that smells sooooo bad. And then some how he is just smelling out of his mind. Only the Gospel can do that. Only the Gospel can bring true and lasting happiness. Cant believe it’s December already. So strange. Also my face is a lot better.

Oh put up our hammocks too, which made me really happy about life.

Elder Thorn 

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