Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 15 Chirstmas Parttttyyyy

Car Crash, Isaac, Christmas Madness

One of the things that sucks the most about the mission is there is no way I could every type everything that happens in a week. Or really everything that happens in just a day here. I think this is the factor behind time in the mission going by so fast. Because it really feels like yesterday that I was writing.

First thing first we had a baptism of Isaac this Saturday! Really strange situation because he goes to this different ward and the bishops get all weird about stuff like that here. It's like they forget it's all the same church. Anyways he comes from the family that works with the trash. Every time we teach him I always end up thinking what in the world did I do to be so blessed. His whole family came to the baptism and it was so freaking awesome. They all got dressed up and looked so good. I got to baptize him and it just really reminded me of Cannon. 

HUGE car crash in my area this week. Elder Vail and I were ridding on this bus to go get a key for the church. The road got all backed up and we sat on the bus for awhile. After like 15 minutes we said screw it and started walking. I saw about 50 people all crowed around and this semi had rolled over on the hill with two cars under it. People pass on blind corners here like that is the only time to pass. There was around eight ambulances all trying to get there but everyone is just all over the road so they couldn't. Really frustrating for me to see. Because I could see this girl bleeding all over and all these people just watching but impeding the ambulances. Really just a conformation that I am in a different place than home. 

Christmas party was awesome. We watched frozen IN ENGLISH!! Yes lol first time I have heard english anything in awhile which was nice. We gave gifts and I got some skittles which was sweet. lol get it sweet. They have american candy here its just expensive. Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year because I know I sure miss the snow and lights and all that stuff. But at the same time being away from it is teaching me a lot about how ungrateful I have been my whole life. 

Isaac's baptism

Caught a glimpse of Grant on the mission video.

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