Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 16 Christmas and Blind Dudes

Families and Christmas 

Spent a lot of time writing people just now so I don't have a lot to write here. Things are really different here in Honduras than back home. We have these little cards called "El es la Dádiva" it has a link to this sweeeet video that the church put out. The church really is so bomb at making videos I love it. We have been passing them out all month and only two people out of like 300 had internet. Really just brought me back to the fact that I'm in a different place and how different the living standards are. This all being said i have really been thinking a lot about how blessed I really am. I've always grown up with a love family, Christmas morning, presents, cousins, cars, snow, all that stuff around christmas time. No one here knows any of that stuff. It's just stuff that is in movies to them. Really forcing me to focus on what is important and what this time of year is really about. 

Elder Vail and i were walking in this super poor area this week and it was around 8 so its super dark. We see this kid that we all ways see in the dumpsters collecting bottles just holding this guys hand. And I'm like oh my gosh you have got to be kidding me he is blind. Turns out this dude is like 70 and is blind and his kid that is kinda special needs takes care of him. We walked him back to his house. 
No more time for me this week, but I hope that little story makes you think about how blessed you really are. We have NO idea what its like, or at least I didn't, living in the little christmas wonderland that we all have. Think more about what you have and what you can give. 

Elder Thorn 

Grant explains Christmas in Honduras:   The Christmas here is a different world. Kids don't get anything. Or really do anything. They set up lights and a tree and that is the present. Oh and they light fireworks. 

This is Jose a lil convert
Bought all these ties for 5 bucks

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