Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 14 The Legend that is Elder Holt

Service Projects

I now know what it feels like to be on the discovery channel. We did a service project this week as a zone digging this trench for a water pipe. We all wore these yellow helping hands vest things that the church gave us. So you have about 6 gringos in bright yellow vests digging in the middle of this road in Honduras. The only thing that can come from this is a flock of Hondurans coming to watch gingos work. Really funny I, kid you not, we were digging this trench and all these people just come and stand about 30 feet from us just watching us. Like uhhh why are they digging? I thought all gingos were rich? This was a really funny experience for me. To just kind of realize what the people here think about the states. 

Another really humbling experience I had this week happened with the little eight-year-old kid we are baptizing on Saturday. His name is Isaac and he lives right next to all this trash. His family pulls stuff out of the trash and sells it. I wrote about this before so I’m no going to waste time retyping it. Anyways they have no money. Like none they live in a house made of trash and they sells trash. After a lesson with him the other day his mom is like hey wait I have something for you. She hands us these crackers. Probably about 30 limps worth. And they tell us to follow her one son. We go up there and he has apple juice for us. Probably about another 30 limps or so. I honestly almost started crying walking home. This family that has literally nothing was giving me food. 

Elder Holt is this kid form California that is a beast and is my new zone leader and is teaching me a lot about how to just be a good missionary. He has better Spanish that some of the litos I kid you not. I just wanted to write about him for a second. 

Love you guys Elder Thorn
No pictures because I forgot my cord(:::

Mom's side note- I asked grant to explain his church building/meetings. Here's his response:
We have a really nice church building. It's in this weird little gated community. Its hard to describe. They have them a lot here. Basically someone builds a fence and then pays two guys to sit by it with shotguns and thats a gated community. But ya super nice church building. Has nice fans on the ceiling for when its hot. Our ward is super new though and so everyone does weird things. Like the first counselor has been a member for like a year. So when they bare their testimonies its just a little different. We had 121 people at church on Sunday which is bomb. 

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