Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 92 Maybe I Do Love Honduras

Maybe I Do Love Honduras
So the guy that is using the computer next to me is a white dude from New York that sells hangers and is a pastor. Only in Honduras.
This week was awesome. Honestly the families we are teaching are so sincere and I feel so much love for them. I feel like I was the most unloving person before my mission and now it's like I love people the first time I meet them. We have five families that are reading the Book of Mormon. But really struggle to come to church. The thing about Flores is that it's tiny and so the second you visit someone, everyone knows and gets on their backs about being Mormon and Joseph Smith.

This morning, as I was sitting down to study, I felt like I had forgot to do something. So I got up and brushed my teeth sat back down and still felt like I had forgot to do something. Then my Comp says, "hey there is some kid smoking weed on our back door". I starting laughing and was like bueno lets see what we can do. I opened the door and he almost took off running. I laughed and was like "hey chill sit down". We talked for a little and he told me he is just visiting some family but lives in Tegucigalpa. I told him a little about my life before the mission and he really warmed up and starting sharing some of his feelings. He told me how he had felt this empty space for almost all his life. How his parents haven't ever been around and how he had pretty much grown up in the street. I really felt the love for him and the need to explain how much our Father in Heaven loves him. I explained a little about the plan of salvation and where we come from. He stopped me mid sentence and was like "waaaiitt what? I was with God before I was born?" Totally in shock he says to me. "NO ONE has ever told me that". Then he says, " how do you know this. who told you. where does this information come from and where can I learn more?" I run up stairs and found a folleto de plan de salvation. As I run back down stairs he just starred at me and says "I really feel like you are someone important. Do you think you could come to my house and tell me more?" I got the chills and was like what is happening. After 21 months of knocking doors someone knocked MY DOOR. I wrote down his info and will give it to the other missionaries that live in his area. God knows us. HE really loves us and is trying to guide all of us back to his presence. I feel the spirit in my life and I feel happy.


We went and got mangoes from this tree of an investigator this morning.

Two of the greatest families here in Honduras. Neither are members and they gave us SOOOO much food on Monday before the other Elders left the area.

I got to milk cows twice this week with a members son, and he came to church!
Hey look what I found


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