Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 94 It's Not About You

It's Not About You 

My new favorite thing to do is hitch-hike. Today we are in La Paz and normally we have to take two buses. 10 limps each and at least an hour waiting in the hot sun. Today I thumbed a ride and the family was going to San Pedro and the brother of the guy driving is a bishop. In the ten minutes driving we were able to talk to him about eternal families and committed him to go to church on Sunday. The second guy who gave us a ride got his legs cut off by a train in Mexico trying to get into the states. He had this crazy metal thing he had welded together to help him drive. We taught him about the resurrection and he got all teary eyed with us and told us how scared he was that he never would have his legs again. In short, hitch hiking is the best, because someone that give you a ride is bound to have felt some kind of impression by the spirit and for that reason they picked you up.

This week this 18 year old kid came to church with us. We had a member that was going to pass by for him but at 8 the member called us and was like hey I'm sick I cant go to church. We left sprinting from the house to pass by for him, but when we got there his cousin told us he had left. I felt a little bummed out. Honestly nothing worse in the mission than when someone says YES I WILL GO TO CHURCH, and then Sunday morning they make up the lamest excuses. We passed by for the less active who lived near by and he decided to come with us. As we walked into the chapel the 18 year old kid was just sitting by himself. Legit jumped for joy. As I sat down by him he says, "duude you said that you were going to pass by at 8:30 and it was 8:32 so I went by myself". I laughed a little as he gave me a hard time about keeping commitments as we had taught him.  
This week I realized that very little has to do with me here in the mission, and everything has to do with this grand work the Savior has been doing since the time of Adam. Really felt the spirit this week and pondered about my purpose here in life. I invite you to take 10 minutes and just think about the plan of salvation. We all have an important part. 

 30 Y ocurrió que cuando oyeron esta voz, y percibieron que no era una voz de trueno, ni una voz de un gran ruido tumultuoso, mas he aquí, era una voz apacible de perfecta suavidad, cual si hubiese sido un susurro, y penetraba hasta el alma misma; 
(Helaman 5:30)


Thought I would send this home so everyone can see how almost everyone showers here in Honduras
just scoop water out of a 5 gallon bucket with a bowl

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