Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 101 Every Single Door Will Be Opened

Every Single Door Will Be Opened
We have a solid two weeks with out a single person telling us no. Honestly not even sure how to put into words all that is happening here in Flores. It's as if the Savior himself is walking in front of us talking to the people before we get there. Maybe it's all the missionary´s prayers in Europe that are having a hard time. Just feeling so blessed and lucky to be here. The other Elders had a Baptism this week. The district, we are three companionship, has 7 weeks in a row with baptisms. Pretty awesome.
This week our new investigator came to church. Long story short after seeing a Mormon kid pray on his food she starting investigating the church and got in touch with this Elder that finished his mission here in Honduras a few months back. After about two weeks of doing her own research she agreed to meet with the missionaries. That's when we got a message with her number and her name. This doesn't happened that much in the mission so at first I was like uhhh Lord bless my Spanish so she will agree to let us visit her (almost anyone will hang up the phone when they hear an accent). The second after I introduced myself as the LDS missionaries she is like umm it would be awesome if you passed by Saturday at like 6. UNREAL. I was so hyped. The lesson Saturday was even better. She had read almost all of first Nephi and had watched the Joseph Smith movie. Sunday she showed up all by her self and I sat down to explain the hymns. As sacrament started I remembered that the branch had gone to the temple on Saturday and it was also testimony meeting. The first few people gave great powerful testimonies of how they felt closer to heaven in the temple. Then this little 12 year old girl gets up  "I went to the temple yesterday, it was amazing. I was baptized for 42 DEAD PEOPLE¨. I about fell out of my seat and our investigator just looks at me like ummmm waaaitttt. Later we passed by for her house and everything turned out good. life is good. the mission is the hardest greatest experience on the planet. lovee your guys.
Cant wait to hug my mom in two weeks. lol

guayaba (I really hope I can find fruits in Utah)

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