Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 100 Denis' Baptism

Denis´ Baptism
This week was one of those weeks in the mission that makes you forget about all the let downs you've had in months. I had the privilege to baptize Denis on Saturday. The other Elders here in Flores also had a baptism. A bunch of members showed up and the little bus we took to la villa (we have to do the baptisms in the other chapel because the chapel here in Flores doesn't have one) was packed full of all the youth of the branch. As we were taking pictures before the baptism Denis turns to me and is like I'm going to throw up some gang signs for the last time (picture included) I started laughing so hard and realized for a second how much I really care about him. Really has been the best investigator. He showed up on Sunday with a white shirt, tie, and a Book of Mormon in his hand. For those of you that haven't been to Honduras I doubt you will understand how brave you have to be to do that. 
There really are people out there that are just looking for the truth. WE have to find them. It honestly doesn't matter at all if you look all day and night for weeks, months, or years when you finally find someone and watch them gain a testimony, it's priceless.
¨Whatever our age, capacity, church calling or location, WE are as ONE called to the work to help (the Savior) in His harvest of souls until He comes again¨ Henry B. Erying
Elder Thorn 
Tag challenge photo
This week was the fair here in Flores which consisted of a parade, drinking, miss Flores, drinking, fried chicken, drinking, trampolines, drinking, hanging a wire off the road with a live duck hung by it's neck and racing on a horse to see who could rip it's head off, anddd more drinking. oh and fireworks.

Beef Soup
Here in Honduras they brake eggs on the heads of people when it's their birthday! It's awesome. Action foto


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