Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11 Mi cara vs la terria

Elder Thorn Face Plants 2k14

First off i have have been practicing backflips here in my mission. I did a few in the MTC and was really hyped up. Its just one of those things that makes me feel like myself. Because its really easy here in the mission to forget how to have fun. So ya i hadn't done one here in Honduras yet. However last sunday we had a zone activity up in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. no joke it has these massive windmills and there are some houses about the same size. Its called Ojojona. I will put a picture or two.
Back to the backflip story, at this lil activity there was some grass like real grass which just isn't a thing here. But ya i did a backflip and was pretty hyped and whatever. Then this Thursday I made the mistake of telling some kids I could do one. Then I was like yaaa probably shouldn't just because thats just what missionaries do. But they started calling me a liar, which in spanish is really really offensive because its not just like oh you're lying its that your personality is a lair. So ya I did a backflip, or rather didn't. lol I made it around but fell straight on my face after. I will put a photo. Truly a lesson of humility.
We also had another baptism this week. Her name is Ballonce which is Beyonce in english lol. She is great and she is also part of that family. Really really great kids and Christian the kid we baptized passed the sacrament on Sunday which was super kool to see. Really easy to forget how important the work is. But after every baptism when I'm changing and just have time to think about it, I really feel the impact that I'm taking part in

love you kids  ELDER THORN
Mi cara vs la terria (my face vs the earth)

Baptized Beyonce :)

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