Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 10 Soujia boi is alive and well

Power of the Priesthood

Another really amazing week here. I had the opportunity to baptize two more kids. The first being Raquel (spanish for rachel) and the second being Christan. They are the cousins of Abigail and live in the same house. Well kind of. Houses here are really strange. First off everything is made of cement, Everything. It's sad because I sit in peoples homes and I'm like this isn't homey. It's just hard to feel at home when everything is cold. But they do have hammocks. Like legit everyone has a hammock which is the koolest. But when someone starts their own family, or rather when one of the girls gets pregnant. I say that as nicely and as respectively as I can. But its true girls just get pregnant when they are 16 or earlier. Meaning that the dad sure didn't stick around, soo what do they do? They build a new house on top of their existing house!!! Its so sick. and I'm being serious. This results in everyone living in one house. Its kinda like they build their own apartment complex lol. 

As far as food goes here there isn't a lot. Both in proportion and in variety.  But ya not a lot of food. This lady named Jackie feeds us lunch pretty much every day, and on Sunday nights. We eat at the casa de hermana eva on wednesdays or something. She is sweet, that is where the pictures of the machete and stuff came from. I eat oatmeal and eggs in the morning. Trying to get ripped here in the mission lol. Eating out is really really cheep though. Like after this I'm going to go eat lunch for 50 limps which is like 2.50ish. Its really strange though because when I buy toothpaste it will be like 50 limps. So its kind of a give or take. 

I had a special moment this week regarding Christan. He is around a lot of men that are of the world. Meaning that they work on cars and drink all day. That is the only type of man he has in his life. He received the priesthood on Sunday. I have seen his very being change this past month. He wants to be an example not only for his siblings (which truthfully doesn't exists because his mom died and his dad is who knows where and he has spent his whole life with this aunt, Abigail's mom). But he wants to be an example for the men in his life. After church on Sunday we went and visited him and he spoke a lot about how he doesn't want to be a loser. He wants to do something with the life he has been given. Its amazing. People are truly amazing. I'm really starting to fall in love with the human experience. That sounds cheesy but its the only way to truly sum up what its like to be away from your family and speaking a new language but then watch a 14 year old boy change his life. 

Elder Thorn. AKA ya i dont know love you dudes

Baptism of Raquel and Christan

Altos de santa rosa which isn't my area but we went up there for a meeting the other day

This is where I wash clothes it sucks its called a pila

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